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The mother of all living people. The Hebrew meaning of her name is in fact "life," or "living." Even though she had chosen to sin, she accepted God's discipline and raised her children in God's name. She went through hard labor in childbirth and grief over a son's death. But she played an important role in life, for through Eve came the birth of the Lord Jesus, the Savior of all mankind. She was indeed the mother of the nation of Israel and the mother of God's church here on earth. 

Mary :
Mary, the virgin who gave birth to a savior. The mother of Jesus. Back then, virginity was held at high standard among families and men who were looking for a wife. She had to go through alot of sneer stares and was looked down upon for carrying a baby before marriage-- that wasn't even her fiances child. But Joseph, being met by an angel who explained that Mary was carrying his Savior and the Son of God, he gladly remained engaged to her (and later marry her) out of love and desire to help her and support her. Mary and Josephs devotion through thick and thin resulted in salvation for all mankind.

She prayed earnestly for a child. Her faith made her realize that God controlled her life and it was up to her to accept God's will and to learn the lessons. When her long awaited hope was realised she not only dedicated her son to be a Nazarite but she gave him to the High Priest for the temple. She trusted God completely. As God had given her the promised son, then God would also protect and guide him in the difficulties of his temple service.

Orphaned and raised by only her uncle, she was the most lovely and beautiful in the kingdom,but what made her most beautiful was her inner beauty ( ) which contributed greatly as to the reason why the King chose her to be his Queen among st all the other beautiful women in the kingdom. This girl was brave enough to break the law of the land (punishable by death), which forbid anyone to go before the king unless the king had called him or her. Despite the doom and gloom that was hovering over her and her people of God, this girl has such powerful faith in God that it overcame her own fears and through God-given strength she ended up saving the lives of Jews in the kingdom from a selfish man's own desire to have power!

Abigail’s husband, Nabal, was a very wicked man, who thought only of himself. By Abigail’s quick wisdom and generosity she not only saved her entire family from death, but was miraculously delivered from an evil husband, and given a godly husband in his place. Abigail was one of the truly virtuous women in the Bible.

Miriam :
Sister of Aaron, Miriam was a prophetess, which means that she spoke the Word of the Lord. A prophet is someone who speaks on behalf of God to the people; a prophetess had the same role. Miriam had a role of spiritual leadership. After God brought the Israelites through the Red Sea, Miriam sang praises that are now part of the word of God: Exodus 15:20-21. 

When Jesus was eight days old, Mary and Joseph took Him to the Temple in Jerusalem to be circumcised. Not only was this the time when Jesus was named, in obedience to the Angel who came to Mary, but two other important people were there as well: Simeon, who had received a vision that he would see the Lord's Christ before he died, and Anna in the Bible, who served God day and night. 

Deborah :
Times were tough in Israel. The Israelites went through great periods of rejecting God, being recovered by godly judges, and then rejecting God again. Among the many judges who ruled over the Israelites at that time, we learn about the judge, Deborah, who with the help of Jael, both strong women in the Bible who were able to bring a great victory for God’s people. Dorcas in the Bible She was a Christian; not because she did good works and charitable deeds, but rather, she did good works and charitable deeds because she was a Christian.

The Discarded Wife God had long promised to Abraham that He would bless him with seed as the stars in heaven and the sand upon the seashore. As he and Sarah grew older, it became obvious that this seed was not going to come through Sarah. At least, that was Sarah's  assessment of the situation. After thinking through the dilemma, she developed an alternate solution.


                                      The woman caught in adultery cleaned up to start anew. 
                                     The Syrophoenician mother stood out for bold believing.
                                  The widow gave all she had , as an example of sacrificial giving.
                                The woman with the alabaster jar opened up her heart to worship.
                               The woman with the chronic bleeding told of her miraculous healing.
                               The empty woman at the well filled up to evangelize the entire town.
                               The woman with the crippled back walked up to receive her healing.

    Martha: the she sister of Mary and Lazarus who lived in Bethany. She is the one who met Jesus at                               the  tomb of Lazarus. When Jesus and his disciples visited Martha's house, she treated Jesus with  good hospitality.                       
 Priscilla: was the wife of Aquila and she was a Worker in Christ and gifted by God in the ministry of the                      word and risked her life for the Gospel. 

    My mother's faith in Jesus Christ was not theoretical or detached; it was a living faith in a living Savior. She loved the Lord and enjoyed  sweet communion with him daily. She prayed with passion, and power , I so admired her strength and courage throughout her life, despite all the many obstacles and disappointments she faced. I am sure she got tired, along the way, but she never wavered in her faith. She did not take "vacations." Her rest was worship, prayer, singing hymns and reading the Bible. She would retreat, often times into the bathroom, for some quiet time with the Lord. Why the bathroom you may ask , because with a husband and ten children in the house, the bathroom was often the quietest place.

Moreover, my mother knew how to encourage others in distress with the comfort she herself received from God. Once I was feeling very unprepared and overwhelmed about being called into the ministry. Then I heard these words from my mother:"Kathleen, the Lord will prepare and equip you for what He has called you to do. She spoke of how "Uncle Sam"trains and prepares the  troops physically , before sending them off into battle :she said but even more so would God prepare, and equip, me spiritually, to do His work. “Trust and you will see." she said. Her words entered into my soul as the Balm of Gilead, and I was instantly healed of my misery. She was prophesying, and her prophecy came true. Thank You Lord, for such a godly mother. Rest in Peace Mom!
Lovingly  Submitted,
 Kathleen, "Your baby girl"

Kitty Mae Cosby

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