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S.S.O.F. School of Ministry


  Administrator of SSOF
 Support Ministry for Families of Homicide Victims

                                  On a Personal Note:

  Death of a loved one can be very difficult to cope with, especially if it is completely sudden, as in the case of my son's     death- a homicide. There is an array of emotions that is often seen , ranging from anger, fear , confusion ,shock, anxiety, numbness, panic attacks etc. These are all normal reactions, and will make some days more difficult, dark, and dismal to get through. When you don’t feel you have the strength to go on with your life, God’s grace is sufficient. He will sustain you , when no one or nothing else can. Allow Him to carry the burden – there are some things that are just too big for us to handle on our own. We cannot as mothers (and fathers) get through the loss of a child and keep our sanity without God’s help.

                                      On a Professional Note:

    Yvonne  has been certified as a victim advocate, by the Office for Victims of Crime Training Technical Assistance Center.     She provides peer and community support to families of homicide victims in reconstructing their lives and developing something positive out of their tragedy. Yvonne  knows just how important talking one-on-one with a person who has had a loved one murdered, helps them in their grieving process .We will accompany you and your family to court and provide emotional support to help you navigate through the crisis . If you live in or near the Philadelphia area you may contact our Hotline. 


  Congrats to Yvonne Tobler Kato
        Kali Norcott  RN
     Women's Health  Director
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Dr Kathleen Cosby-Tabb
Dean of Strong Sisters of Faith, School of Ministry
 S.S.O.F.  Having a Festive Time with   Seniors in the Community.