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Quite some time ago, I was in an abusive marriage. I was called names that my parents didn't give me, hollered and cursed at on a regular basis. I've been pushed up against walls, carried upside down, down a flight of stairs, had my hair pulled so hard I thought it would fall out, just to name a few. My marriage was a living hell!

I wanted out but was afraid of being alone, wasn't sure if my one income would take care of everything. After years of calling the cops, filing protection orders and changing locks, I was at my breaking point. 
I went to church every Sunday, cried at the altar and prayed for my marriage but I hadn't really turned it over to God. Once I gave the problem to The Lord and began to rebuke the devil, God showed up and showed out!

God gave me the strength to put my spouse out, get a divorce, pay my bills, and have peace of mind. My message to all is to: Trust God!
Sister JoAnn

                                                To God be the Glory!

I came to know my Lord and Savior approximately twenty year ago, I didn’t know the Lord growing up nor did I go to church. A very dear friend invited me to church as I was going through a difficult time in my life. Even though I didn't grow up in the church, I did know that there was a God, but I didn’t know anything about Him. I didn’t know what He had already done for me, but when I went to Church and heard that He died on the cross for me taking on the sins of all humanity I wanted to know more. I continued to go and learn and yes I did backslide. Even though I was a backslider I belonged to God, He was waiting for me I just needed to find my way back home to Him. During this backsliding time I had come to learn that all of my help comes from the God.

Thank God I found my way back into God’s saving grace as I was told fifteen years ago that my son might not make it but through faith and prayer he was born. Again, one and half years after that I was told that I had a life threaten disease and I knew then to get on my knees and start praying as well as call on those who knew the power of prayer to pray for me also. When I went back to the doctor’s they said we don’t understand there’s nothing there, so of course they had to test me again to make sure for there sake not mine because I knew I was healed by the power of God. Nothing! No disease.

Currently I live my life praising God for He has been mighty gracious, merciful, and forgiving towards me. I don’t deserve all of His blessings but I have come to learn that is the kind of God I serve – Gracious and Mercifully, and through Christ Jesus all things are possible.

My dear friend has gone home to be with the Lord but now I know he pass by my life for a reason which was to introduce me to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ whom I have come to love and put my trust in. No matter what comes my way with my Lord I can handle it as I look to the Lord from whence comes my help.
Sister Dawn Harris

                          Words of Wisdom from “Mom Reid” ( 93yr old)  servant of the Lord 

"In order to be a strong woman of faith you have to be a Christian and not just a Christian on Sundays, while you are in church. You have to live your faith daily. You can not do it unless you are in contact with God at all times. You have to be a praying woman and you have to know what you believe and in whom you believe. Dedicated and sold out to the Lord. You can’t have one foot in the world and one foot in the church. When you are sold out to the Lord, you can ask for anything lined up with his word and he will give it to you. But you must believe what you ask Him for. Don’t ask Him if you don ‘t believe Him.

I was in the hospital a few months ago, for almost two week and I wanted to go home so badly. It seemed like I would never get to go home. I asked the nurses when I would be able to go home, and all they would say, is I don’t know it’ up to the Doctor he’s the boss. I decided that I would talk to my doctor- my boss and when I talked to him I designated a certain day and time that I wanted to go home. I said Lord I want to go home on Thursday. . No sooner that I put in a request to go home, The Doctor walked into the room and said, Ms. Reid you will be discharged on Thursday. Boy, does God move fast. It reminded me of the time when they were praying for Peter to get out of jail. A little girl went to the door and saw Peter. Boy does God move fast."
"Mom Reid"

  What a joy it is to know! 

I kind of knew there was a God as I couldn’t image that all of this just happen by itself, the sky, the stars, the oceans, people, etc. At age seventeen I needed to talk to God it was the first time I had ever given it a thought. Sitting on a Septa bus my mind felt very overwhelmed so I just started silently talking to God I believe He heard me, and He was there for me. Seven years went by before I felt there was any reason to talk to God again. At age twenty-four there was this urgency inside of me to go to church, I didn’t know why, I didn’t know anything about the Holy Spirit, and it wasn’t like I had a church that I could attend so that meant I had to find one. This feeling was so real I started searching for a church me and my twelve year-old younger sister. It didn’t take long for us to join a Church, we accepted Jesus Christ, and was baptized, we stayed for a year and left. 

Again it was the not knowing, I didn’t know how to fit in, I didn’t know that it wasn’t about not feeling anything (me expecting some immediate transformation), and I didn’t know what to expect. Along with not being brought up in the church, I could count on one hand the number of times I had attended church, no one invited me to church, I had never been offered a track, no one that I am aware of prayed for me and no one every took my hand and prayed with me. Even though baptized and have only stayed in the Church for a year I didn’t know anything about being sealed, and once saved always saved so now nine years later when this urgency came again unbeknown to me this time it was personal as I was a Christian, a backslider, a lost child who had gone astray.

 The Holy Spirit was urging me to get back to a Church, and I did with another sister and her spiritual friend. Low and behold this time I meant Jesus guess He was waiting for me because He knows everything He knew I would be back. 

Who I am is a Christian that knows Jesus is alive, He is real, and He lives inside of me, He saved my soul, He gives me hope, and He gives me peace. I have been saved for thirty years and serving and knowing Jesus for 19 years. Knowing is a wonderful thing! My life’s verse is Matthew 5:16 (NKJV) Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.
Sister Wanda

 Free from 20 year Drug Addiction, I believe I can fly!

I just want to start by saying how happy I am to write this letter and how happy I am you are reading it right now, it is no accident. God loves you and wants you free from any addictions you might have. My whole life was a life of addiction. At the age of sixteen I started drinking alcohol and at eighteen I started smoking pot. By the time I turned  twenty  years old I was drinking alcohol, smoking pot and cigarettes and doing cocaine . I went to eight different rehab centers throughout that time and each time I felt like I was going to be set free, but would fall right back into my old lifestyle shortly after getting out. Thankfully, God gave me a supportive family that never gave up on me no matter what I did or how bad it got. They prayed for me to be set free of my addictions. I am happy to say that after twenty years God set me completely free right on the spot and it has been  almost five years and I have not relapsed. If you have an addiction or need---I know that God wants to do the same thing for you as He did for me and ! I encourage you to step out on faith, and believe that God wants the best for you.
God bless,
 Joy Valintino            

I had recently wrote an  email requesting you to pray that I get a stable job You  prayed that the Lord would open a door, so that  I  would  be  gainfully employed,and that I would be   relieved from  financial   pressure. . What a wonder, our Lord has miraculously opened a door and blessed me  with  that type of  job. As a matter of fact , it is more than a job , it is a career. with a very large company, that offers excellent health benefits, along with so many other nice things.
 I thank and Praise the Lord a million times from my heart., for being so good to me.  I want to  thank you  Evangelist Dr. Kathleen Tabb for your faithfulness, and willingness to always remember others in your prayers. You shall truly reap  all the many blessings that God has in store for you., and believe me there are many.  You are an anointed and powerful woman of God.May the Lord continue to bless every  place your feet trod., and increase your territory.
Barbara Williams

"Hard Boiled Eggs”
In a rush to get to church, my husband and I left out leaving a pot on the stove- with several boiling eggs. Going about our usual routine after church ( nursing home, prison, and hospital visitations ) we returned home 12 hours later. The eggs were indeed "hard boiled!" The flame was blasting, but the pot had no visible damage. Not thinking , I touched the handle and it was not hot. There was not even so much , as a hint of smoke in the house. Whew I thought, what a great and mighty God we serve! God spoke these precious words to my spirit. He said, “Kathleen, while you were out doing my work, taking care of my business, I was at your house , taking care of yours," 
Now tell me who wouldn’t serve a God like that! God will… I know that He will .. He will take care of you!
 Dr. Katheen Tabb